SEB Committees

The Student Entertainment Board's quality events are only possible with the help of our student committee members. By joining a SEB committee, students are able to further develop their skill sets, expand their network, and prepare for life beyond WSU by becoming campus leaders. 

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Special Events

Special Events: Competitive while also having a passion for music festivals? The SEB Special Events Committee organizes Homecoming week and plans Springfest (WSU's annual music festival).


Speakers: Always watching TedTalks or stand-up comedy routines? From comedy shows to lectures to debates, the SEB Speakers committee puts on some of the most thought-provoking events.


Gallery: Have an eye for art? The SEB Gallery Committee curates an on-campus art exhibit and pitches ideas of what art you want to see displayed.


Films: Are you a total movie buff and love popcorn? The SEB Films Committee helps choose the best films to bring to campus every weekend.


Spotlight: Talented or just like finding new talent? The SEB Spotlight Committee plans events to highlight on-campus talent.

Up All Night

Up All Night: Want to throw some of the campus's largest events? The Up All Night Committee plans some of the largest scale events on campus (from giant inflatables to skate nights to tarot card readings).


Arts: Do you love art in all of its forms? The Arts Committee helps plan for anything art related on campus from performing arts to dance performances to large-scale interactive art exhibits.


Marketing: Interested in social media or advertising. The Marketing committee comes up with new and exciting ways to promote all of our upcoming events!


Concerts: Are you on the cutting edge of new music? The Concerts Committee plans the best and biggest concerts on campus.